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5 Coolest Jobs for Teens

Many people believe that for one to qualify for a good job, he must have academic certificates from high institutions of learning, coupled with working experience. However this is not always the case.  If you are a teenager, there are many   cool jobs out there. While it may be challenging to get the best jobs, if you take an initiative, you will land on one that your heart desires.

Here Are 5 Coolest Jobs For Teens To Help You  Find  Your  Favorite.

1. Retail Sales
This is one of the best jobs for teens that   is highly available. A teen will be able to earn some considerable amount of money depending on the size of the stock and the activities involved. A teen will perform a wide range of duties which include stocking shelves, inventory, product demonstrations, operating a cash register, handling farm produce in a grocery and many more. This type of job involves a lot of interaction with people. It is therefore more suitable for teens that are sociable.

2. Food Service
Food service is another cool job for teens who are not only interested in making money but also developing their social skills. They can work in a hotel or restaurant.  Duties in food service include taking customer’s orders, serving food, receiving cash and many more. Teens will also learn to work as a team alongside other people. They will also be able to learn   about conflict resolution in the event that a disagreement arises. Furthermore, they will learn how to follow instructions from their boss. Moreover, food service jobs pay well. Teens will earn well and even receive tips from customers.

3. Internship
Internship opportunities are very important because they help to build a teen towards his line of career.  They provide great experience which will also help to build the teen’s CV. This will help them when searching for jobs in future. A good CV increases chances of being employed. Even though some companies do not pay for   internships, others do. A teen will therefore not only get industrial experience but also earn some considerable amount of money.

4. Camp Counselor
This   kind of job is full of fun. It enables a kid to go out and explore new environment together with other kids. He will be able to give them advice on camping and solve some problems. This will help to improve leadership and conflict resolution skills. In addition, it trains a teen to become independent because he will be living away from his home.

5. Nanny
This is also a fun job because it mainly involves caring and interacting with the baby. It is usually on high demand because most parents are in need of responsible people who can take care of their children. The job requires patience. It pays well too.  Nanny job is good for teens who want to pursue their careers in teaching and child care.

In conclusion, teens should not just sit at home especially when they are on holidays. There are many cool jobs for them out there as described above. Not only will they be able to earn income but also develop important skills like leadership, conflict resolution, communication and many more.

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