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Cool Jobs in America

Manufacturing jobs in America have been diminishing for the past two decades. Many people have a hard time getting and keeping jobs due to the many pressures and demands of the job. However, you do not have to stay stuck in a job that you do not enjoy. Life is too short! As much as there is not “best job” that is perfect for everyone, there is quite a number of cool jobs that do not require much effort and still pay well. Some of these have been outlined below:

Comfort bed tester

Imagine spending your nights in different designer beds just to have a feel of how comfortable each is and any modification that can be made. After each night, you will be required to blog about your experience and recommendations and there, you just made yourself richer!

Wine Tester

Enjoy a rent free life that involves traveling around the California city to hundreds of wineries. Get to test the varieties of wine, share your experiences on your social media and get paid more than $10, 000 per month!

Personal Trainer

Are you good at some gym skills? Hundreds of people living in America need you. With the rises in unfitness, getting a job as a personal trainer will be a breeze and you can earn up to thousands of dollars.

Wardrobe stylist

This has to be one of the most fun jobs you can ever do. It involves understanding your client’s style and being able to bring it out in the way you plan their looks. This can even involve going shopping for your client’s outfits and makeup.


This is both freaky and fun job. If you have good detective skills and guts, then go for it! However, if poorly carried out this could lead you to some deep trouble. It is therefore very important to embark on this task with caution.


Are you good at pricking other peoples’ ribs? Turn your talent to money by starting or joining a comedy show.

Video Game Designer

If you are a good programmer and you love innovation, say you don’t have a job no more. Developing video games is the new nerd’s ways of having fun while making money at the same time.

Food Critic

Having a universal tongue that gets the taste of almost every meal could make you a fortune. Many high class restaurants employ a top chef whose main duty is to taste the food to ensure the best standard is maintained. With this, you get to keep both your tummy and pocket full at all time.

This is just a small list of some cool jobs available in America. There is definitely so much more that you could do to make money and keep it flowing. You just need to discover what you really enjoy doing and turn that into a money fetching activity.

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