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The Future of Cool Jobs

Sitting 8.5 hours in an office is not an ideal scenario for many of us. Some people actually have imagined themselves as a star broker, or a lawyer, but there’s the counterparts who never really can see themselves as an office attendant.
Luckily, there are opportunities in America too, that require a bit different skills and working hours than the regular jobs. These cool jobs have a way different fun level and can be the most awesome experience of your lives, however, they are still considered as jobs, so employees have to be trustworthy and responsible.
What to search for is you want to have the best jobs? How can you find the ultimate fun job for yourself? I collected some that might help you to start. This is only a tiny selection of cool jobs, you may be able to find even better, cooler ones.

Camp Counselor

No matter if you live within or outside the US, several summer camps are wide open to students who’d like to work. Being a Camp Counselor was one of the best jobs that I ever had. Waking up in the morning in the middle of a forest, on the beach of a huge lake, and get the kids ready to jump in the water and having fun all day. However, since you’re working with children, you have to be really responsible and have to make sure that everyone is safe. You will have to attend several safety courses, at while working, your attention cannot rest even for a single minute.

Pool Concierge

A concierge is a person at the entrance of fancy hotels, who greets guests, and whose task is to organize programs for people. Well, a pool concierge is similar, the only difference is the place: they work not at the entrance, but by the pool. A pool concierge has to make sure everyone is having fun and act as a spy, too. Collecting proper feedback and revealing all the possible things that have to be fixed in the hotel is part of the pool concierge’s job. Not to mention promoting brands, offering and booking activities, and regulate guests, who violate the hotel’s policies.

Working at a mobile charging stand at festival

Whatever kind of job you’ll find at any festival, it will be extremely demanding and tiring. People usually changing shifts and that can screw up your whole biorhythm. As a mobile charger stand, we had to make sure that everyone’s phone is safe, and that seemed almost impossible most of the times, as usually we had more than 1000 phones on our shelves. After the shifts, however, we got to see the festival, we could go to concerts, have fun, party a little bit. The coolest thing about this job was that they actually paid me to be at a festival. We surely got more and more tired as the days went by, but I had a really great time there, with super friendly colleagues.

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