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Jobs on the Campaign Trail

Political campaigns have heightened as each presidential candidate tries his/her best to advance policies and win the confidence of the electorate. During this campaign season, there are many job opportunities available. You can apply to earn some considerable amount of income. This will also enable you to gain excellent experience in the specific job. Here are 5 cool jobs on campaign trail which you can apply for and earn some good amount of money.

1. Speech Writer

Speech writer is one of the best jobs on campaign trail right now. You can apply to write informed speeches for presidential candidates. You need to have sound knowledge about their policies so that you can be able to write what is in line with their promises to the American citizens. It is a demanding job that requires dedication, time and excellent communication skills. You also need to do a lot of research on contemporary issues as well as matters of economy so that you can write a moving speech that will attract the public.

2. Campaign Manager

This is one of the coolest jobs during this campaign season. As a campaign manager, your duty will be to ensure that your candidate’s campaign run in a smooth and efficient manner. You will participate in writing press releases, conducting polls, finding venues for speech delivery in different locations, scheduling your candidate’s campaign program, preparing your candidate for interview and many more. You need to be well equipped with skills such as research, coordination, copywriting, time management and many more. It is a well paying job.

3. Lobbyist

As a lobbyist, your duty will involve advocating for a certain idea and then giving it to your candidate so that he can take it to the decision maker. You need to be good at networking with people. You should also be a great and persuasive speaker. This will help to ensure that whatever you are advocating for is taken with the seriousness that it deserves. You should always be ready to present an argument just like any other citizen but in the interest of the general public.

4. Public Relations Manager

As a PR manager, you will be required to ensure that the image of your candidate is well portrayed during the campaign. You need to be excellent in communication and always tell the truth. Honesty matters a lot. You should also know how to manage a crisis situation to avoid tainting the reputation of your candidate. Your duties will involve designing and writing tools of communication such as press release, speeches and organizing press/ news conference.

5. Political Analyst

This is one of the best jobs on campaign trail. As a political analyst, you need to do a lot of research on the political situation in the country. You should think hard with much intelligence as you assess the situation. Your duties will involve collecting data, reviewing current policies, making suggestions for appropriate changes and coming up with new approaches based on the analysis conducted.

6. Button Maker

You can’t have a political campaign without having campaign buttons. Whether you are putting your picture on the buttons, or spreading a campaign slogan, buttons are everywhere in politics and campaigns. Custom pinback buttons come in a variety of sizes from huge to tiny. Making these buttons is one of the coolest jobs on the campaign trail. You get to see all the different slogans, and help make the country great! There are many manufacturers that produce buttons and are currently hiring, including the industry leading

In conclusion, the above jobs on campaign trail are indeed cool, fun and the best. You will be able to earn well as you learn a lot about politics and elections.

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